It is your birthright to be aligned with your super powers, and your wild open heart. It is my purpose and my path to guide you in this transformation.

Are You Living Fully and Freely?

No matter where you are in your journey or how bumpy the path has been, I can help guide you toward the authentic life you were born to live.

I’m a Certified Human Potential Coach, called into a position of service for those who are seeking their highest purpose. With years of experience as a Holistic Sex Coach, I have a special affinity for those traveling the path of relationship and intimacy.

Let’s take this journey together.

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Whether you need a single session or regular consults, we’ll work together to craft the ultimate game plan.


I love bringing the community together! Join me for a custom workshop or transformative event in the South Austin area.


None of us should hide in the dark. There’s nothing more powerful than bringing one’s darkness into the light.

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My desire to recreate myself and branch out into uncharted territory led me to work with Bella. With her help, I’ve seen exponential growth as I reach for my highest potential. Her passion and drive have enabled me to excel in every area of my life; her intuition and support inspire me to reach higher to achieve my goals. She leads by example, drawing from her own experiences and expertise. With Bella as my muse and coach, I am no longer so afraid of the unknown.

Heidi C. Ellis

New Articles:

Sex Work, Living in Two Worlds

For most of my adult life I’ve lived a double life and straddled two worlds. In fact, I lived like this for so long I didn’t realize I was doing it anymore. It became my norm. As a young mother I felt like I had no choice. There are no coming out stories for sex...

Rising from the Crucible of Infidelity

Infidelity had throttled Patricia and Devon’s world. Devon stared at me with desperate wide eyes. Patricia sat as rigid as the Sphinx, a jagged wall of pain and betrayal separating them. I flashed back 20 years, to when I sat crumpled on a therapist’s couch in much of...

Letter To A New Sex Worker

Wait for the knock. Glance in the mirror a final time and check your hair and lipstick. Are you polished, darling? It’s show time! Take a deep breath, open the door and purr out your sexiest hello. Big smile. Be dressed appropriately; stilettos to the sex worker are...

Taking Your Body Back from Big Pharma

Doctors are quick to push the pill as a panacea for everything from heavy periods to acne, and women disconnected from their bodies (and out of tune with nature) are quick to comply. But is there another way? Yes. It may take a little bit of time and research but I...

Why You Want Off Hormonal Birth Control

The ubiquitous pill may seem innocuous, but is it really? With roughly 10 million women on birth control, shouldn’t we dig a little deeper? Sure, we all want the magic bullet. But life doesn’t work like that, princess; there’s no fairy dust, there’s no magic wand....

Navigating Jealousy

Do you get crazy with jealousy? Are you embarrassed to admit your behaviors? Is your significant other constantly checking up on you and putting you through a weekly interrogation? Take a breath. We all have our demons to slay. Jealousy is a primitive and common...

Five Reasons Infant Circumcision Should Be Outlawed

It’s rape and sexual abuse. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines rape as follows: An unlawful sexual activity and usually sexual intercourse carried out forcibly or under threat of injury against a person's will or with a person who is beneath a certain age or...

Orgasms that Defy Definition

The first time I had a non-clitoral orgasm and experienced orgasm as an energetic portal it blew my mind; sex would never be the same. My boyfriend and I had rented a cabin in the forest for a love-making weekend. Away from the demands of motherhood and work, I...

The Primal Temptress

Our brain is built in layers, with the more complex mammalian layer on top of the simpler reptilian. All vertebrates have a reptilian brain. It is the most primitive part of the mind, governing our most basic instincts like self-preservation and reproduction. We...

5 things I love about Tantra.

Tantra is a lifestyle and spiritual path that celebrates and cultivates our creative, life-force energy, a.k.a. our sexual energy! The origins of Tantra are obscure but it’s undeniably the oldest known art of sacred sexuality practiced today. The word Tantra is...

Working with a coach is engaging in an alchemical process of creation. Together we unwind shame and limiting beliefs, and weave in the stories and desires that empower you to live a life of greatness.

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