Do you know your Orgasmic Fingerprint?

Each of us has an erotic blueprint that’s as unique as our fingerprint.⁠

There is only one you.⁠

And you alone have the operating manual.⁠

Yes, there are several roadmaps that categorize our personalities, our sexual proclivities and our languages of love, but let’s face it:⁠

None of us fit nicely in a box.⁠

Most of us are 25% this, and 40% that, with a dash of several other essential ingredients.⁠ We’re as sexually complex and unique as our fingerprints…and so are our orgasms.⁠

It’s a beautiful thing.⁠

We get to unlock the Pandora’s box of each other.⁠

This is why I never make blanket statements like ALL women can have X type of orgasm.⁠ Your orgasm and my orgasm are not to be compared.⁠

Your turn on’s and turn off’s probably look nothing like your best friend’s.⁠

Discover the mystery of you.⁠

Discover how Eros moves through you and you alone.⁠

Know this:⁠

It pays to crack our own codes before we focus on cracking the codes of another.⁠

Stay Blessed,

Bella LaVey


Be Radiant | April 2021

A big part of my online salon this Spring is helping women embrace their unique relationship with Eros.⁠

Discover the Lost Arts of the Taoist Courtesans for Health, Beauty and Longevity.

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