I often work with women who want to become badass and fearless lovers. In this article I will explain what that means…and how you can better show up for yourself and your partner in the bedroom. 

Badass and fearless women exude confidence. Sexpert women, and those who female identify, exude an aura of intoxicating radiance.

10 Things Badass & Fearless Women Do Differently In Bed

Like all great artists and connoisseurs of Eros, it often takes years of training to hone a unique style and craft. But here’s a good place to start…

1. They’re not afraid to initiate.   

Badass ladies know that men want to be ravished as much as we do. There’s nothing more exciting to a man than to feel like his woman feverishly desires him. Her eyes, her purrs, her slink… tell him everything.

2. They ask for what they want.   

Fearless women ask for what they want. And they do it consciously. Nothing shuts a man down quicker than a demanding woman in the bedroom. Badasses share their fantasies and secret desires in ways that guarantee fulfillment. 

3. They take responsibility for their sexual fulfillment. 

A Boudoir Badass understands that her sexuality is HER responsibility. A talented lover helps, but it is up to her to guide them. She doesn’t lay back and expect him to read her mind. She doesn’t just assume he’ll intuit all of her secret hot spots. She gives him her owner’s manual. She trains him to be HER great lover.  

4. They are not afraid to be vulnerable.   

The bigger the badass the more open, authentic and compassionate the Queen. Fearless women show their tender raw selves. They share even when it feels like they are breaking into 10,000 pieces. 

5. They are spontaneous and try new things. 

Badasses in the bedroom know that men seek variety. Sexual mavericks bring in the spice and will occasionally splurge for an exotic feast.

6. They let go and surrender.  

A fearless feline seeks to expand her orgasmic potential. She knows the key to Goddess Sex is letting go and surrendering to her partner and the wild waves of pleasure. She’s not afraid of Tsunamis.  

7. They don’t settle for mediocre.  

When things start to feel lukewarm between the sheets and a tad rote, a bedroom badass takes radical responsibility to dial up the heat. 

8. They make a lot of noise.   

A fearless woman in the bedroom knows the power of carnal communication and embodies her pleasure. She’s discovered that making sound amplifies her pleasure and isn’t afraid to let the Amazon delivery man hear her. Mmmmmmmm.

9. They’re game.  

A Badass Sexy Mama wants to please her partner. She listens to his fantasies and isn’t afraid to step out of her comfort zone to explore some of his desires. Even if she hates uniforms she’ll don one to be his nurse every blue moon. 

10. They practice sexual self-care. 

They talk sex. They study sex. They take care of their sex organs. They’ve done their inner work to process and heal trauma and shed all cultural stigmas and shame. They know that their libido is a barometer to health and they treasure every inch of their body temple. 

Remember, how you show up in life is a mirror of how you show up in bed. 

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