One of the most beautiful gifts in the world is the gift of encouragement.

—John O’Donohue

Love & Praise

Hi Bella! I just wanted to reach out and say thank you.  The coaching session that we did in Austin around my parents selling my childhood house that I grew up in helped me so much.  I went back last week to help them move and I was able to say goodbye in such a meaningful way that I felt closure.  I was in the right mindset and not so emotionally reactive.  I just wanted to tell you and to say thank you! 🙏🏻. You are an amazing coach! 💕

Chele Denise

Bella. Beloved goddess, thank you for the profound healing. You held a space for me with complete presence – until the end. You did so without signs of weakness or withdrawal, which would have ruined the healing. Every word you said went straight to the vulnerable, wounded child. I was completely cracked open. Receptive, my emotional body was reprogrammed for the first time. Until now, I addressed only the mental body (hundreds of times) but it is the emotional body which needed healing. You embody this art with mastery.

Universal Dao Healing Instructor

After having worked with Bella and studied under her for almost a year, I can honestly say that she is my true friend, coach, and advisor. Bella’s unique Taoist, Tantric trainings have opened doors to me that I never knew existed and her willingness to tailor my instruction to address the issues that my spouse and I were experiencing at home has been a blessing without measure. My spouse and I have begun to make significant progress as a result of what Bella has taught me. Bella’s passion for her work is striking and her sincerity and compassion and openness are traits that allow her work to be especially significant in the lives of others. My time with Bella has been life-changing for me without a doubt and I heartily endorse and support her and her mission in every sense.


The workshop was really fantastic! I never felt so sexy and had so much fun!  It was good work to work through my own feelings of initial discomfort. And I really was amazed at how liberated I felt afterward! Thank you thank you thank you! 👍🧡🙆‍♀️ 

Greta Gardner

Radical Radiance with Bella LaVey has been one of the most healing, and most joyful journeys I’ve been on in a long time! Her thoughtful, loving and juicy approach to teaching and to creating community is empowering, and inspiring! I cannot recommend Bella enough. She is a goddess of a teacher!


Radical Radiance® Salon Series

Every interaction with you was a stepping stone toward having the life that I couldn’t have even imagined in the past (which I’m joyfully living now). You’re beyond an inspiration.

Bella, I want to tell you how grateful I am for the practice and advice on the seduction styles in our last session. You have elevated our marriage and our sex life has been amazing!

Ravi Kumar

Before I contacted Bella I looked at her website and saw a beautiful, strong, feminine, amazing woman who had it ALL! My first thought was, “Dah… sure…me and her?” I’m in my late 50s, and I’d been hiding for so long. But I had promised myself to grow and step out of my shell. I sent her an email and that’s how my journey started with Bella’s healing. Bella was so open-minded and encouraging. She made each session interesting and personal, helping me to open up more and more with each step. I’ll always will be grateful to Bella for showing me the way back to my body and sensuality.  Under her guidance, I’ve awakened what was hidden and dormant for so many years. I’m looking forward to my brighter future. I’ll recommend Bella to anybody who wants to change, grow spiritually, and reawaken repressed sexualty while becomming and happy and whole.

ZD Chudyba

I have enjoyed several different styles and methods of Qigong over the past 7 years, but I can honestly say that Bella’s seated Qigong, Returning to the Heart of the Dao, is my very favorite. Its uniquely intimate setting and its sensual and heart-connected underpinnings absolute transport me to a realm of Sacred and Sensual Spirituality. I highly recommend it to fans of Qigong no matter what their level may be. You won’t be disappointed!


Dear Bella, I am a student from the Golden Tigress School and just wanted to reach out and thank you. I have been experiencing a lot of anxiety, lack of sleep and haven’t felt safe anywhere. This has never happened before. I always had at least some space to call “safe”. But I didn’t feel safe in my own body. 

The practice that you have shared with us (breast massage and qi gong) is the only thing right now that really calms me down. For the little girl that feels like the world is gonna swallow her whole, I get to a place of, “yeah, it sucks but I can do this. It will not break me. There’s still enough beauty in this world”. No other meditation or technique brings me so much back into my body and makes me feel stable. And I literally start feeling more juicy afterwards, my libidio rises, even if just a little bit.

So my point is: Thank you so much. You are so unbelievably cool 🙂 I can not wait for the next session with you. And I sooo hope to be able to practice with you one day, outside underneath a tree with summer wind messing up my hair. It brings tears in my eyes; the gratitude I feel right now. You gave me my safe space back. Thank you.


The Intimacy and Attraction Workshop was an experience of soul, depth and well…intimacy. I felt immediately safe in the amazing space, Temple Shakti, that Bella has built. As the brief workshop progressed, I was repeatedly invited to my edge, but without a hint of judgment or pressure. As far as I could tell, every participant found their edge and many stepped beyond it to new levels of depth, connection and well…intimacy. Bella held that sacred space with the skill and heart of an experienced facilitator. A sweet and wonderful evening.

Dr. Fred Blum

My desire to recreate myself and branch out into uncharted territory led me to work with Bella. With her help, I’ve seen exponential growth as I reach for my highest potential. Her passion and drive have enabled me to excel in every area of my life; her intuition and support inspire me to reach higher to achieve my goals. She leads by example, drawing from her own experiences and expertise. With Bella as my muse and coach, I am no longer so afraid of the unknown.

Heidi C. Ellis

I was skeptical at first when Bella encouraged me to consider taking natural supplements and doing daily exercises to strengthen my libido.  However, I became a believer after a few months when my wife gave me unsolicited feedback about the positive changes she had noticed. Thank you, Bella, for encouraging me in those disciplines.


Deeper awareness, transformed, and fully alive is how I feel after taking the intimacy and attraction workshop with Bella LaVey. She is a thoughtful, caring guide and her down to earth and welcoming spirit really set the tone throughout the whole workshop. I’m no stranger to taking and even leading some workshops: I have done a lot of work on personal growth and energy healing, and this workshop has had the most profound impact on me in such a short amount of time.

Victoria G.

The Intimacy and Attraction Workshop®

Bless YOU and your brilliant work of making people feel sexy and confident in their own skin.

Anonymous Author

Truly an earthly goddess like no other. Bella constantly shows, beyond a shadow of a doubt, why she is a tigress without peer. Presence in spades, equal parts beautiful, peaceful, intriguing, utterly terrifying, yet so exciting. Bella’s patience, understanding, and assuredness are ever present as she seeks to understand you on a level most don’t even consider. She seems to be able to see clearly, the things holding you back and the burdens you bear.
 I am beyond honored to be able to work with Bella on so many levels. Amazingly, on each and every one of them, she’s not only a traveling companion on the journey, but a source of truth, guidance and strength along the way. Bella’s amazing life has forged a very rare and unique gift- she knows the way. To have her share any amount of that is worth all the riches in the world.

Mike Kuehnle

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