Enlivened. Passionate. Vivacious.

The Liberated Couple Can be Spotted a Mile Away.

If your partnership needs a revival, it might look like this: 

  • You love each other. You’re building a successful and stable life.
    From the outside, everything might look great.


  • But something in your relationship feels off. 
  • Maybe there’s an absence of communication…a buildup of buried hurts that follow you into the bedroom…or you can’t remember the last time you experienced passionate intimacy.


  • You imagine how much better life could be if your partnership was fully connected, committed, and passionate again.


  • And you want this in your current relationship!


  • You’re ready to put in the work, together.

Every partnership has the potential to harness sexual power and pleasure.
And, it’s normal that it takes work…



A six month coaching program created to help your partnership go from lukewarm loving,
to life-changing, heart-opening, bed-rattling liberation.

    The #1 myth (that derails most couples) is that this liberation should be easy,

    They think: If we love each other, it shouldn’t take time and effort. 

    But here’s the truth: The most successful, passionate, happy couples have put in the work.

    Knowing where to start, which patterns to break and how…is not just paramount for happiness,
    it’s a life saving salve for couples on the line.

    Is your partnership crying out,
    give me liberty or give me death?

    Let’s choose liberty.


    • I will teach you how to resolve big miscommunications and disconnects so that you can keep your relationship clean, vibrant, and sexy.
    • You will learn how to work with your triggers to fast-track your healing process while increasing empathy, compassion, and closeness.
    • You are both sovereign sexual beings with unique needs.
      I will guide you through a complete couple’s liberation that supports full, authentic, sexual expression.  


    • I will provide guided exercises, readings, and well culled resources unique to your relationship
      …so you can learn, play, and strengthen connection between each coaching session.
    • You will learn effective tools and techniques
      …so that you can consistently move forward into emotionally connected, sexually charged togetherness.

    • I will give you everything you need, when you need it
      …because liberating your partnership is a life changing process, enjoyable each step of the way. 

    The Liberated Couple is an Intensive 6 Month Program
    That WILL transform your relationship

       Hi, I’m Bella LaVey.

      Deep understanding of sexuality and the devoted study of healing modalities directs my life path. It informs all elements of my coaching.

      • I have been immersed in the world of sexuality my entire adult lifetime.
      • In my work with couples like you, I pull from Taoist principles, extensive study of Tantra and sacred sexuality, and everything I’ve learned about human relationship. 

      Want to get acquainted? Let’s meet!

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      I work with a limited number of couples in a 6 month container.

      Applications are currently OPEN.

      Ready to transform your life through enlivened, passionate, vivacious partnership?


      Frequently Asked Questions…

      How many Coaching Sessions will we get with you?

      You get twelve 90-minute Couples Coaching sessions with me (2 per month). This regular dedication of time prompts radical solutions in real time. Sessions are held via Zoom (or in person – subject to availability).

      Between coaching sessions, can we contact you for advice?

      Absolutely! I am your ally and your best friend for the duration of this program. You will receive complimentary Voxer & text support so you’ll have a direct link for my input and advice on anything your partnership encounters. I often answer on the spot, but will always respond within 24 hours.

      We're often distracted by LIFE! How do you help couples stay on track?

      You will be provided with curated exercises, prompts & handouts that pinpoint exactly what is needed to guide powerful progress in your relationship. These exercises are fun opportunities to open conversation and connect in new ways…so you’ll actually WANT to do them!

      I can’t believe the progress we’ve made! Where did you learn all these skills?

      I have been immersed in the world of sexuality my entire adult lifetime (Read my book for details on that). I’ve been married. I’ve been divorced. I’m a mother. These are the life credentials that matter to me.

      Plus, I’m a certified Human Potential Coach through the Human Potential Institute. I studied at the Somatica Institute, known for its revolutionary sex and relationship coaching methodology.

      I’m a licensed massage therapist (with 20 years experience) and once owned a school that certified Feng Shui practitioners.

      In 2010, I completed my qigong certification through Yun Xiang Tseng, a Wu Dang Taoist Priest. 

      My shamanic training came through Alberto Villoldo, founder of the renowned Four Winds Society Light Body School.

      Oh, and I’m also an associate Universal Healing Tao Instructor.

      © 2023 Copyright Bella LaVey.