What if the way you’ve been taught to approach the world as a woman is actually completely misaligned with what’s real?

What if your passion, your creativity and energy were truly available to use as you wanted?

What if your sexuality was about so much more than how you look or what you weigh, but instead a vast ocean of powerful creativity that could support and nurture every aspect of your life, your work, and your world?

You Don’t Have to Imagine

I’m here to support you in reclaiming the birthright of your sexual power.

My work and my offerings are here to show you how to tap into your inner juiciness so you can begin to cultivate and nurture the energy you’re going to need if you want to achieve your biggest dreams.

3 Old Myths that Negatively Impact Women’s Sexual Expression & Pleasure

I want you to think about the messages you received in childhood around sex because they impact us as adults.

Living in Austin I see a lot of clients from the South and some of the common childhood messages that I hear carry a lot of shame and blame often from traditional religion.

1. Sex is Dirty and Shameful

Women tell me the main thing they received through sexual education was fear. Fear that if you have sex, you’ll get pregnant or catch a shameful disease.

We didn’t learn anything about our cycles, our hormones, how stress impacts how we function, or how to know when we are fertile or not.

The juiciest and most important bits about our female sexuality were all completely left out.

2. Sex is Mainly About Pleasing Your Husband

From the scientific study of orgasm, to the research done by the pharmaceutical industry, to the detailed diagrams of our most sensitive parts in the textbooks used to teach surgeons how to operate on the human body – the world is based on a male default.

Women are often seen as objects that give pleasure to a man. And men are taught that their job is to go and take pleasure from a woman. This is slowly changing, but the old stories have a huge impact on how we perceive who benefits from sex.

It’s no wonder that our feminine sexual pleasure has been ignored in the ways we talk about sexuality in the world!

3. If You Are Sexually Assertive, You’re a Slut

From the proverbial notch-on-the-bedpost narrative told to men, to the myth that with chastity comes purity, this is another old story to unpack. The root of this mistake comes from what cultural scientists call the Madonna/Whore split.

The truth is that healthy sexual desire, lust, and a juicy libido are a HUGE part of being human. And that sexual assertiveness and desire belong to women just as much as they do to men.

You Can Begin Unweaving These False Myths

If you have a girlfriend who you can talk to about this, I invite you to share this post and then give that woman a call. When you get a chance to speak with her, take some time and share the messages and stories you received during childhood about sex from your family, church, school and caregivers.

See what arises when you make a safe space to have this conversation with someone you trust.

When you’re done with that conversation, I invite you to stay on the line with your friend, then stand up and shake it out. Sigh it out. Begin to release the BS and see it for what it is. Domestication!

Ask the mother earth to pull out any old stories, and false beliefs that you may have adopted around your sexuality. Feel them being sucked out of your pores…exiting through the soles of your feet.

Your femininity and sexuality cannot be ignored or suppressed without repercussions.

Men and Women’s Sexuality Is Not the Same

We have a been given a skewed understanding of feminine sexuality.

In my Taoist tradition we say that women are water and men are fire. There’s a huge arousal gap. We have to learn to take responsibility for our pleasure. Discover the full range of love.

Tell your lover that you want to explore being completely uncensored.

Be sexually generous and raise the bar!

Grow your capacity as a giver and teach your lover to do the same. With sexual empowerment comes sexual responsibility.

How You Show Up in Bed is How You Show Up in Life

There’s so much magic available when we step into our feminine. But you have to get out of your head and be willing to go back to a beginner’s mind.

Reclaim the innocent joy of a sensory experience. Become engaged and curious! This is something we do with new lovers but tend to forget in long term relationships.

Stop thinking about your to-do list and listen to their heartbeat again. Smell their skin.

Female Sexuality Can’t Be Fixed With a Pill Because it Isn’t Broken

We’re just misunderstood both by our lovers and ourselves.

Ask yourself, “What do I really want? And expand your definition of sex. If you don’t mix things up, you’ll continually gravitate to default lovemaking.

Get curious! What is sex for you?

Sex is a Relationship to the Senses

It is about coming fully into the present moment. It is a sacred communion with self, nature, and with your beloved.

It is the creative force.

The most intimate parts of ourselves are sensitive and guilt and shame are our greatest blocks. They stop our capacity to let go and fully express ourselves.

Under our protective shells is an utterly, curious, playful part of ourselves that we can tune to become increasingly sensitive and pleasurable.

When we become critical of ourselves, we close down. We need to learn to silent the inner critic.

By practicing radical self-acceptance and deep compassion for yourself, you can unlock a door to an ancient well of sacred energy. It’s what so many of have been longing for, but haven’t known where to look.

We are highly complex women. Every single one of us are multifaceted and capable of being many things from lover to mother to badass businesswoman, to femme fatale. My training is here to help you find out where the secrets to rejuvenation and thriving actually live.

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Live fully. Live freely! Be happy, Be Radiant and Shine your Shakti light.


Bella LaVey

Read more about my story in Fetish Girl: a Memoir of Sex, Domination, and Motherhood.




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