Traditional Chinese medical theory teaches that we have a system of energy channels running throughout our body called meridians. Our life force energy flows through these invisible channels to regulate and balance all of our organs and systems.

There are two main expressways that are considered the most important energy channels in the entire body:

The Ren Mai, our feminine/yin channel, runs up the front midline of the body. It extends from the perineum to the groove just below the lower lip.

And the Du Mai, our masculine/yang channel, starts at the perineum and runs up the spine. It ends at the frenulum of the upper lip.   

When joined together by holding the tongue against the roof of the mouth, these two channels form the “Microcosmic Orbit” or “Small Heavenly Circuit” uniting the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine within one’s being. 

Yab Yum, Aligning Hearts

A great starting position for this dual cultivation practice is Yab Yum; a tantric posture where the feminine partner sits in the lap of the masculine partner, and wraps her legs around his torso. In this classic Tantric asana, the front chakras are aligned. Feel free to use pillows to help you stay relaxed and comfortable in the posture. 

Start by synchronizing your breaths. Pause at the top of inhalation and the bottom of the exhalation allowing for delicious moments of stillness. 

Both partners can also gently rock their sacrum in subtle undulations during the practice to further activate their sexual energy. 

Joining Microcosmic Orbits Through Conscious Kissing

Partners join their microcosmic orbits together through conscious kissing.
Connecting the channels opens the lovers to receive the infinite blessings of Heaven & Earth.

The feminine partner can lick, tease and suckle the upper lip frenulum of her partner. Consciously, she begins sipping his yang energy from his sexual organs on the inhale. Meanwhile, the masculine partner tongues and teases the groove in her lower lip while inhaling her sexual energy up the front of her body.  

The feminine partner may visualize powerful lightning energy moving up his spine as the masculine partner pulls her nourishing water energy up the front of her body. 

As they exhale, the partners mingle their combined essences in their jade pools (mouths) mixing the sweet dew (saliva). Continue kissing in this alchemical manner until you’re both buzzing

Allow for around 10 to 20 minutes. 

Occasionally, stop and rest your foreheads together in a tantric kiss.

This is called the heavenly pause.

Breathe in unison with one hand on your lover’s sacrum and the other at the back of their heart. 

Benefits of Practice

This beautiful dual cultivation practice will amplify and balance each partner’s yin and yang energy. It will bond the couple together in a Divine energetic circuit. 

The Heavenly Circuit Kiss is the foundation for more advanced sexual practices. Yet sexual energy is the most healing energy of all and even this simplified practice can open a portal to sacred experience and miraculous healing. 

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