I’m here to inspire and galvanize you to prioritize your sexual wellbeing. And share with you some of the feminine, empowerment practices that have been so transformational to me, my clients, and the students of my Radical Radiance salons.

I’m a Taoist facilitator and teacher, holistic sex coach, and author. And, like many of you, I’m a lover, wife, mother, grandmother, and entrepreneur.

What sets me apart from the thousands of other sex coaches out there is that I am a White Tigress. And Tigresses view sexual energy in a very different way than most people are accustomed to.

What a White Tigress Knows About Her Sexuality

We are Untamed, Unashamed, Dedicated, Devoted Sexual Alchemists who know that our sexuality is the key to our health, well-being and rejuvenation.

Our Lineage Dates Back to Ancient China

The ancient tigresses were an elite, secretive sect of women disciplined in spiritual sexual practices to restore beauty and youthfulness. Sadly, the practices were outlawed during the Culture Revolution and many people were beaten, killed, and imprisoned.

The tradition went underground and eventually ended up in Taipei where the author and scholar whom I studied under met one of the last original white tigresses that we know of in the 1980s. With her permission, he brought the teachings to the West.

Most Women Are Unaware of this Level of Sexuality

We’ve all been raised in an outdated masculine model of sexuality that focuses on appearance and performance. Few of us escape the indoctrination.

Furthermore, we’ve been instilled with cultural ideas of how we are supposed to be sexual as a woman and we have layers and layers of conditioning to unravel.

Most people have only experienced their sexuality through a partner or masturbation. Yet sexual energy is more than just the gratification of your needs or another’s. It’s about awakening, healing, transforming, creating. It’s about turning back the biological clock.

When you have an intimate, embodied connection to your sexual energy it spills over into all domains of your life from your intimate relationships, to your health, and career.

Healthy & Holistic Sexuality Increases Your Vitality, Confidence, and Power

You may or may not have heard of Napoleon Hill but in 1937 he wrote one of the world’s first self-help books called Think and Grow Rich, and chapter 11 is all about sexual transmutation.

When our sexuality wakes up at this level it brings us into connection with the essence of life. And when you learn to harness this energy, it fuels everything you do. Though it requires our letting go of our ideas of who we are, in order to become who, we are meant to be.

YOU Define Your Sexuality! Not the Old Stories

You are sovereign empowered sexual beings free to choose your path.

Let’s get to the juicy stuff!

I’d like to leave you with some tangible solutions to some of the issues you may be personally experiencing and give you a few Tigress tips on how to get your sexy back.

If this piques your interest, I have a beginners course that will take you into the entry hall of the den of the White Tigress.

This class includes self-paced, luxurious, and pleasurable lessons on self-massage techniques to introduce you to some introductory practices of the White Tigress lineage from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

 I Have Many Tigress Practices to Share

These include ways to reduce your menstrual flow, increase libido, and balance hormones so please sign up to my email list and follow me for more info.

But I can’t stress enough that your pussy, ovaries, and breasts are not body parts to be ignored.

The modern-day woman takes better care of her toenails than she does the holy aspects of herself that literally contain her Jing/Essence/Life Force.

Your femininity and sexuality cannot be ignored or suppressed without repercussions.

Sexuality Is The Creative Force Behind ALL of Life

The most intimate parts of ourselves are sensitive and guilt and shame are our greatest blocks. They stop our capacity to let go and fully express ourselves.

Under our protective shells is an utterly, curious, playful part of ourselves that we can tune to become increasingly sensitive and pleasurable.

When we become critical of ourselves, we close down. We need to learn to silence the inner critic.

Your Sexual Pleasure is Your Birthright As a Woman

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tiny bite of the sumptuous feast set at the banquet table of your endless pleasure. I can teach you that there are delicious morsels to be discovered at every meal.

Please practice radical self-acceptance and deep compassion for yourself.

If you are interested in learning more about developing a spiritual sexual practice please join my list, or feel free to reach out.

Live fully. Live freely! Be happy, Be Radiant and Shine your Shakti light.


Bella LaVey

To learn more about my journey pick up a copy of my story in Fetish Girl: a Story of Sex, Domination, and Motherhood here.

Become Powerful | Fall 2022

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