How do you get in the mood? While enjoying an increased libido is often the result of lifestyle, diet, and relationship health, there are a few things you can do to rev it up at a moments notice.

I have two main systems to jumpstart libido; the foundational way and the raw way…of course I’m going to share the raw way with you!

Here’s 3 Raw Ways to Rev Up Your Libido:

#1 Go Primal⁠.⁠

Rip your clothes off, get on your hands and knees and howl. If you can’t find a howl….moan. Moan until your shell cracks open.⁠

Next, let your animal off the leash to crawl across the floor (you should already be there).⁠

#2 Find Your Wild⁠.

Feel the air touching your genitals and imagine they can breathe.

Imagine your pussy or c*ck inhaling wind, thunder, lightning, and ALL the fierce forces of Mother Nature.⁠

#3 Surrender, Submit and Give It⁠.⁠

How much time do you have here?⁠
How much time do any of us have here?⁠

Do you want to look back and remember a half f*ck, or mediocre moment when you COULD have embodied the passion that courses through every cell of your being?⁠

…Take your lover like it was the last time.⁠

Leave them quivering and panting and drenched in your love.⁠ 

Be unforgettable.

Interested In Support?

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