Want to feel less stressed immediately? Read on. 

Many are still rattled by the events at the capitol. Others actually believe we’ve entered the apocalypse. People are prepping, there’s rumor of civil war. One thing that’s clear is that our world is changing at an astonishing rate and the USA has never before been so polarized.

There are challenging conversations ahead. Ones on accountability and the supreme need to resist the currents of dehumanization.

As a holistic sex coach, I work neck down…somatically, with the body.

As a spiritual being, mother, lover and grandmother standing beside you in these muddy waters I always start at my heart.

Like many of you I’ve been asking myself, what can I do? How can I be part of the change?  

And while I’m actively exploring this inquiry I’ll be sharing powerful practices that help me and my clients center, ground, and return to homeostasis.

Let’s continue to choose love and accountability over fear and shame as we focus on solutions.

Here’s a technique that helps regulate the autonomic nervous system.

It trains your mind to detach from what you cannot control.

I learned the autogenic training technique from Dr. Norm Shealy Ph.D who’s had outstanding results with his patients. Originally, it was developed by Johannes Heinrich Schultz, a German psychologist in the 1920s. This technique is also used by astronauts to prevent motion sickness. And several top athletes to reduce anxiety. 

It has been proven to reduce anxiety, fatigue, lower heart rate and blood pressure, foster an increased sense of control, and help to better focus and sleep. The magic happens when it becomes a regular practice and your body immediately starts to respond at the moment you mentally utter….”My legs are heavy and warm.”

The process involves six sequential training stages where verbal self-statements are used to direct the focus to specific bodily sensations.

  1. My arms and legs are heavy and warm.
  2. My belly is warm
  3. My heartbeat is calm and regular
  4. My breathing is free and easy
  5. My forehead is cool
  6. My mind is quiet and still.

Here’s how to get started:

Nest up. Before you begin, find a quiet, comfortable place to relax. Lean back in your recliner, grab your meditation cushion or do this before bed. You can do these practice lying down or sitting up. And you can also find several guided versions on YouTube.

Begin with your breathing. Take three breaths with deep sighs on the exhale with the Ahhhh sound. Make sure you are in a comfortable position and start with slow, deep, even breaths. Once you settled into your breath, say “I am completely calm.” This alone may even be enough to put you in a state of relaxation.

Focus attention on your limbs. Start with your right arm and repeat the phrase, “My right arm is heavy and warm, I am completely calm,” while breathing slow and steady. Do this again with your other arm and legs, always going back to “I am completely calm.”

Shift attention to your belly. While breathing deeply, repeat to yourself six times, “My belly is warm.” and then say, “I am completely calm.”

Shift attention to your heart. While breathing deeply, repeat to yourself six times, “My heartbeat is calm and regular,” and then say, “I am completely calm.”

Shift attention to your breathing. Say, “My breathing is free and easy.Repeat six times.

Shift attention to your forehead. Say,My forehead is cool.” Repeat six times.

Shift attention to your mind. Say,My mind is quiet and still.” and then say, “I am completely calm.”

When we peel off the layers of stress, and unhook from the drama of our personal narrative something precious is revealed. Master Mingtong Gu says,  

“Your True Essence is so deep that it’s untouched by all the superficial things that happen to you and around you. It’s like the infinite sky, which isn’t troubled by the treetops or mountaintops — or even the sun, moon, wind, rain, or clouds.” 

Interested In Support?

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