Tantra is a lifestyle and spiritual path that celebrates and cultivates our creative, life-force energy, a.k.a. our sexual energy! The origins of Tantra are obscure but it’s undeniably the oldest known art of sacred sexuality practiced today. The word Tantra is Sanskrit; its prefix, tan, means “to expand, join or weave.” The latter part, tra, means “tool,” giving the word the two-fold meaning: “a tool to expand and liberate and bring together.” Tantra embraces sexuality as a vital and integral component of wholeness and wellbeing containing within it the potential for spiritual liberation. Contemporary Tantra is less focused on spiritual awakening and more on sexual ecstasy.

Here are five things I love about Tantra.

1. I love that we see the Divine in each other and greet each other as God and Goddess. Something magical happens when you consciously look for that essence of divinity in another. When we let go of judgment and preconceptions, facades fall away and we dissolve into the present moment. There is awe.

2. I love the devotional aspect of the practice. Often Tantric lovemaking has a theatrical flair and time will have previously been put into creating a sacred container or little love nest. I enjoy making a ritual of stepping out of the mundane and into the sacred erotic. It’s a delight to dress for my God or Goddess, light candles and incense, and prepare my bodily temple.

3. I love that we honor the body. The body is holy. The body is a sacred garment. The body is home. The body says what words cannot; it speaks a primordial language.

4. I love that we show up authentically making space for whatever is present; our fears and desires. All emotions are welcome to visit.

5. I love that the focus is connection, discovery, and total concentration on the pleasure in the moment. There are infinite ways to make love and endless kinds of orgasms that become available.

“One moment of ecstasy can transform your life.” —Margo Anand

Keep it sexy. Make it sacred.



Bella LaVey 

Fetish Girl: A memoir of Sex, Domination and Motherhood