Fetish Girl Diary : Washington DC, November 18, 2000


4pm Trent

I don’t know exactly what scared him, probably the entire scene. It was Trent’s first session (I love virgins!) and he booked me for the evening at $1500.00. The plan was he would come by around 4pm, we’d do a session for about an hour and a half or so and then go out to dinner and return again for another session. He had requested for his first session that I do a bad cop interrogation scene (I brought my leather Cop shirt that I purchased in Greenwich Village) and then perhaps some light bondage with pantyhose for the latter scene, that never happened.

He was young, around 27 years-old and not very Ricky-suave or pretty. He was the type that tend to fall in love with me and fantasize we have a “real relationship” because it is as close to a true relationship they ever get and usually as intimate as they have ever been with a woman. Sadly I’m sure that millions of men like him exist; an incorrigible nerd, over-weight, and plain. They have no self-confidence, no experience and their dicks are about 3 to 4 inches long. So unless they are tantric masters they are incapable of satisfying a woman by penetration, and they know it. I feel for them, and sessions can often be difficult as they are processing a plethora of emotions, some they are not quite ready to feel.

To the credit of the small penissed men of the world I have a friend who just met this guy with a pencil dick and she is in sexual la-la-land and says he knows how to work it, but personally I don’t see how.


Now I asked him about the interrogation scene, wanting to make sure that is what he really wanted and he said “Yeah, let’s pretend my friend robbed a bank and I have information you want and you are going to try to get it from me.”

“By any means I want?” I asked. He said yes, sure, okay. So I stripped him, slapped him around a bit, ground his balls under the heel of my boot, threatened to hang him with his own belt and sexually molested him. I got the information I was looking for! I played my role to perfection, and would have continued it further but he leapt off the bed saying, “Wow, woah, that was great, wow. Thanks.” and I realized he was close to panicking.

Well, whatever! We had a lovely dinner, and he took his sorry ass home after an exorbitantly expensive evening.

I did receive a thank you email from him stating he really enjoyed himself and I did the cop scene perfectly. He said it was just what he had been looking for, (I would reckon it was a tad more) and that he would love to see me again next time I am in D.C. Yeah right, I’ll believe that when I see it.


An excerpt from “The Fetish Girl Diaries” by Evil Kitty