Fetish Girl Diaries : Washington DC, November 17, 2000

I am a causal nexus for many of them. They respect me, honor me and worship me.

I stand before each client as Priestess and invite them to enter the mystery.

I initiate them through an experience of the Sacred Feminine.

As I embody the archetypical Great Mother Goddess, I discover purity and freedom and all inhibitions disappear.

When this becomes art, and not work, a temple, and not a hotel room, I am one with her.

Light shines and sparks fly from their eyes as they accept themselves, dissolving heavy guilt and replacing it with self-respect, self-love and joy.

These are the moments I wish to capture forever in memory. I do good things. Never again will I let anyone ever shame me again for what I do!

For they leave me different men.

An excerpt from “The Fetish Girl Diaries” by Evil Kitty