I have slipped through the artisan stalls along the Seine

and skipped the steps of Montmartre,

dined in German castles

and raised the roof of English pubs,

floated the canals of Venice

and rivers of Bangkok.

All half-heartedly, as my mind fast-forwarded to the next

and the next and the next.


Too many wonders I haven’t stopped to fully appreciate.

I should have lingered longer for Rodin,

inhaling marble and the intensity of being possessed

by life and art and creation,

by passion and heartbreak.


In Florence I circled

The Rape of the Sabine Women

until I was dizzy,

intoxicated by their arduous struggle.

Fingers spread reaching, grappling

muscles flexed and rippled.

The erotic tension palpable and raw.


Over the years my fast paced strut

has slowed to a saunter.

I still wander, but with as little agenda as possible,

seeking only the magic of the moment,

choosing to stop the ceaseless hunt,

relishing in the beauty of who we are today.



Bella LaVey    East Village, NYC 1998