Breema Meditation by Karin Kiteley

The following is a simple yet profound body-centered Breema meditation that can be integrated into daily life for as little as 5 minutes or as long as you like. It is typically guided, but you can read through it a few times and then practice it. Or perhaps read it aloud into a recording device and then play it while sitting with eyes closed for your own at-home practice.

Bring your body to a comfortable seated position.

Gently close the eyes.

Bring your mind to connect to the body by registering the weight of the body, the weight of the hands resting on the lap, the body breathing.

Register inhalation and exhalation, for several breaths.

Now give a slight rocking motion to the body, either side to side or forward and back. Very slight. Just enough so that the mind has a deepening connection to body has weight as the weight shifts from side, through center, to the other side. WHOLE body is participating in the rocking. Single Moment, Single Activity. Let this be the only thing you are doing in this moment. If the mind wanders to something of past or future, gently bring it again to the awareness of body’s activity of rocking and breathing, having acceptance of the wandering mind.

Now bring the rocking to a stop.

(Body is breathing, body has weight on the ground.)

Register the effects of inhalation on the upper half of the body, from the belly up. Simply register, for a few breaths.

Now register the effects of exhalation on the lower half of the body, from the belly down.

(Body is breathing, body has weight on the ground.)

Now bring a slightly more upright posture, yet still remaining with Body Comfortable. Register the effects of both inhalation and exhalation on the whole body.

(Body is breathing, body has weight on the ground.)


(Body is breathing, body has weight on the ground.)

Body is breathing, body has weight on the ground, and mind is interested in these simple and ever-available tools, for body/mind connection in any given moment throughout the day.

This moment IS, this moment exists.

(Body is breathing, body has weight.)

Remaining with the simplicity of body breathing and body’s weight, allow the eyes to open, keeping them unfocused for a few seconds. Then a bow is supportive to feeling the gratitude to existence existing, in this moment.