Our brain is built in layers, with the more complex mammalian layer on top of the simpler reptilian. All vertebrates have a reptilian brain. It is the most primitive part of the mind, governing our most basic instincts like self-preservation and reproduction. We experience the reptilian brain when we feel greed, lust, hunger, and fear. When we “see red,” that’s the reptile brain taking over. These are our animal needs and desires. “Civilized” people keep these desires under control or ignore them. But can they be useful? Fun, even?

The human species is unquestionably motivated sexually by our animal nature and though we don’t want to be driven by it 24/7, we can draw on our primitive, animal instincts. By embracing our primal nature we can release testosterone and adrenaline accessing new levels of power and passion in our seduction.

Many men go weak in the knees for the raw, unpredictable and possibly dangerous qualities of a woman who knows how to work this magic; some may even cower and run. There’s power and strength there, for the woman who knows how to tap it. The primal temptress teeters on the precipice of the unknown and makes men quiver with excitement. Not all women can conjure this primal passion, but if you can release the predator inside you… bravo!

Think of our favorite idioms and colloquialisms to describe sex or sexual beings: Sex kitten, fuck like rabbits, like a dog in heat and the cat’s meow. He was a tiger in bed. You’re my bitch! What an animal! She made me purr like a cat. And who doesn’t like it doggie style? Even boobie, cock, pussy, beaver, and ass are all words for animals.

Can you find an animal you admire that has sensual qualities which you can emulate in your own game of seduction? Perhaps their eyes mesmerize you or you connect to their slow, stealthy stalking techniques. The way a tiger hunts, the play between the alpha male and female wolves, the slithering serpent or the hungry eyes of a leopard. Let your animal nature loose.

Take some time and practice shapeshifting into your most intriguing totem. Start your dance out on all fours. Purr and arch like a cat. Hunt like a lioness. We can use the essence of many beasts as conduits to powerful levels of alluring, captivating eroticism. Don’t be afraid to activate your primitive reptilian brain.

Why not unleash the beast tonight?