Is it simply menopause, I ponder? Nah… what’s happening inside me isn’t something to be mitigated or diagnosed. It’s meant to be embraced. My instincts tell me to surrender and submerge myself in the experience, so I’ve swung open the door and welcomed this unusual guest into my home.

But ka-pow! I’m shape-shifting at lightning speed. My passions are shifting and I’m finding soul nourishment in different places. There’s no doubt that I’m in a BIG transition and traveling through uncharted territory. Up until recently, my entire life has been governed by my libido. Seriously, we’re talking pussy control; one who wouldn’t take no for an answer.

For years, the art and study of sexuality was my jam. And this made the kitty happy. But it seems like that era is ending and those passions are now being folded into a new spread. Lately, I spend a lot of my time geeking out on other long-held interests like biohacking health and longevity. I’m drawn to mindfulness practices, nootropics and heart rate variability training. I’m a little surprised by my transition and I feel vulnerable and unsure about how this will impact my identity. I’ve been the queen of sexuality for so long. I ask myself; who am I now as I take off that crown?

But fear not, orgasms and blow jobs are still a big part of my spiritual path and anti-aging regime. And as I bring this chapter to a close I’ll be sharing new offerings. Overall, I think I might just be a more well-rounded human in this new chapter that’s springing into existence.

I’ve decided that I’m not going to brand myself as solely a sex coach any longer. I love coaching on intimacy and I definitely don’t want to stop, but I want to support you in growing into the person that you’ve come to the Earth to be. Let’s keep evolving and shining together.

In the coming months I’ll be launching new coaching packages. I’d love to hear from you about what areas you seek guidance in. I’m so excited. Transitions are only tough when we resist them. We pave our own path. Here’s to letting life live you.


Bella LaVey