Radical Radiance Salon Series


Celebrate the Sacred Feminine in this 6-week series

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Feeling a little stuck in your head?
Can’t remember the last time you felt sexy?

There is a wild woman living inside you, a dancing Eros that longs to be expressed. This is your invitation to tap into the untamed feminine. The time is ripe for us to create a thriving sacred sisterhood.

Come heal, explore, and embrace your erotic essence in a safe container.

Radical Radiance is a 6-week journey of transformative women’s practices, sisterhood and self-care.
This salon series is open to all women ages 18 and up with a sincere desire to connect to their feminine essence. Hosted by Bella LaVey, a Daoist and Tantric practitioner devoted to teaching the art of Eros. Bella is a sex and relationship coach, educator, writer and workshop facilitator. She is passionate about helping others embrace their sensual nature and become whole and sexually liberated beings.

This class will:

  • Bring you into a greater awareness of the Eros that lives inside you.
  • Help you release shame and unwind trauma in your nervous system.
  • Balance your endocrine system and increase your libido.
  • Expand your ability to experience pleasure and express love.
  • Connect you to other juicy empowered goddesses.

You don’t have to be able to dance, you only need to be curious and willing to explore.

“Radical Radiance with Bella LaVey has been one of the most healing, and most joyful journeys I’ve been on in a long time! Her thoughtful, loving and juicy approach to teaching and to creating community is empowering, and inspiring! I cannot recommend Bella enough. She is a goddess of a teacher!”  -Jennifer