Radical Radiance Salon Series (NOW OFFERED ONLINE!)


Registration is OPEN: Discover the lost arts of the Taoist courtesans for health, beauty and longevity.

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Turn up the Dial on your Sex Drive and Activate your Feminine Super Powers!

Radical Radiance is BACK! This intimate circle is offered once a year every Spring!

Are you interested in staying youthful, healthy and sexually vibrant?
Then this class is for you! Don’t miss out on these powerful and profound transmissions. This is hands down the most powerful body of work for women that I teach.

This 6-week series is held every Wednesday evening from April 1st to May 6th. 7-9 pm CST.

NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE, this class will:

  • Increases libido and lubrication.
  • Tones breasts and tighten the vaginal walls
  • Reduces PMS and defer menopause.
  • Balances the entire endocrine system.
  • Flood the system with a potent cocktail of youth-producing sex hormones that expand your orgasmic pleasure.

Curious about the curriculum? From our personal sanctuaries we’ll connect each week via Zoom. I’ll guide you through practices traditionally hidden from the general public and reserved solely for the Chinese royal court and sexual alchemists.

I’ll share my favorite feminine qigong, tantric movements, and anti-aging Taoist practices like breast massage and yoni eggs.

As the weeks continue, your feminine super powers will grow. We’ll forge a sacred sisterhood. We'll have each other. Per request, I’m also integrating special tips to strengthen immune response with additional focus on stress management.

Additionally, Radical Radiance has been COMPLETELY OVERHAULED in celebration of its 10th anniversary!


I am sooo thrilled that Bella is bringing back her Radical Radiance series! This course changed my life 7 years ago and I highly recommend regiistering for it…That is if you want to feel powerful, sexy, juicy, succulent, immortal and of course, RADIANT!
Amy Marie Jenkins

Radical Radiance with Bella LaVey has been one of the most healing, and most joyful journeys I’ve been on in a long time! Her thoughtful, loving and juicy approach to teaching and to creating community is empowering, and inspiring! I cannot recommend Bella enough. She is a goddess of a teacher!