Radical Radiance Salon Series (in Austin, TX)


Early Bird Registration is OPEN: Celebrate the Sacred Feminine in this 6-week spring series!

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Feeling a little stuck in your head?
Can’t remember the last time you felt sexy?

Radical Radiance is BACK! 

This salon series is a 6-week journey of transformative women’s practices, sisterhood and self-care - held at my Temple Shakti in Austin, TX.

Once reserved for the elite courtesans and ladies of Royal Court of Ancient China, this knowledge is still coveted for its anti-aging and longevity effects around the world. 

Turn up the dial on your sex drive and activate your feminine Super Powers

These phenomenal practices were developed thousands of years ago by Female Taoists for health, beauty and youthfulness. Regular practice magnifies your femininity, increases libido and lubrication, sensitizes the nipples, tones the breasts, tightens the vaginal walls, reduces PMS, defers menopause and balance the entire endocrine system with a potent cocktail of youth-producing sex hormones. 

Don’t miss out on receiving these profound and powerful transmissions. This intimate circle is limited to ONLY 12 women and offered once a year every Spring!  

Sign up now to receive $100 discount. 

This 6-week series begins on April 1st in Austin, Texas.

Dates: Consecutive Weds starting April 1st to May 6th. 7-9pm. 

Registration Opens for RR on February 1st. 

Sign up and receive the Early Bird Discount: $300. ($100 savings!)

  • March 1st thru March 15th: $375
  • March 16th thru March 31st: $400

This class will:

  • Bring you into a greater awareness of the Eros that lives inside you.
  • Help you release shame and unwind trauma in your nervous system.
  • Balance your endocrine system and increase your libido.
  • Expand your ability to experience pleasure and express love.
  • Connect you to other juicy empowered goddesses.

You don’t have to be able to dance, you only need to be curious and willing to explore.

I am sooo thrilled that Bella is bringing back her Radical Radiance series! This course changed my life 7 years ago and I highly recommend regiistering for it…That is if you want to feel powerful, sexy, juicy, succulent, immortal and of course, RADIANT!

Amy Marie Jenkins

Radical Radiance with Bella LaVey has been one of the most healing, and most joyful journeys I’ve been on in a long time! Her thoughtful, loving and juicy approach to teaching and to creating community is empowering, and inspiring! I cannot recommend Bella enough. She is a goddess of a teacher!