Bella's Primordial Standing Qigong

Karma Series, A Weekly Virtual Offering

Thursdays from 9:00 – 10:00 AM US Central time

Bella. Beloved goddess, thank you for the profound healing. You held a space for me with complete presence – until the end. You did so without signs of weakness or withdrawal, which would have ruined the healing. Every word you said went straight to the vulnerable, wounded child. I was completely cracked open. Receptive, my emotional body was reprogrammed for the first time. Until now, I addressed only the mental body (hundreds of times) but it is the emotional body which needed healing. You embody this art with mastery.

Universal Dao Healing Instructor

Qigong is one of the most profound healing and longevity arts in the world. It regenerates the organs. And harmonizes each body system. This nurturing practice opens the heart to express the depth of our love and compassion.

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