Returning to the Heart of The Dao Sitting Qigong




Returning to the Heart of the Dao Sitting Qigong is easy enough for a beginner to learn, while still providing depth and insight to the seasoned practitioner. Bella created this form after her certification, incorporating moves from several sacred forms and combining them into a flowing practice. It builds heart resonance and a sublime connection when done with others.

Qigong is the practice and art of cultivating, refining, storing, and utilizing qi to balance, regenerate and harmonize all the organs and body systems. It’s one of the easiest to learn and most profound healing and longevity arts in the world. When we cultivate qi (lifeforce energy) we also calm the mind, balance the emotions, and strengthen the spirit.

LaVey received her qigong training from Master Chen, a Wu Dang Taoist Priest. Yun Xiang Tseng (Chen) is a childhood prodigy trained from age 6 atop China’s sacred Wu Dan Mountain. She is humbled to be a 26th generation Long Men Dragon Gate qigong teacher.

Classes are 90 minutes


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