The most refined, well-dressed gentleman that had yet to walk through my hotel room door was my sixth session of the day. The cool Boston spring air clung to his overcoat and his eyes sparkled. He was initially embarrassed and found it difficult to admit what he wanted. We engaged in stimulating conversation for half the session before I successfully tapped in to the secret fetishes of this scholarly man.


I couldn’t help think if only the students of his prestigious university could see the dean of their Ivy League college following me around the room sniffing at my ass. They would surely be mortified, probably traumatized and in need of life long therapy if they adhered to the classic conservative views of New England.


This man was actually charming and very much the gentleman. He just had a serious ass fetish and I can handle that for an hour. Once we broke the ice and he had permission to explore his deviant nature, he went wild. He inhaled my butt like it was the essence of Aphrodite. He knelt behind me with a hand on each cheek and smothered his face in my ass. He came violently without either of us ever touching his dick. I think we both were amazed.


An excerpt from “The Fetish Girl Diaries” by Evil Kitty