Fetish Girl Diaries : Paris, France, June 23, 1999

I went to visit Jim Morrison’s grave and wandered in the parisian graveyard, Pere-Lachaise. I was dressed in a sheer, black dress with a black silk bra and matching hot pants underneath. I wore this outfit specifically for the occasion, to honor the great Lizard King.

Fetish Girl Diaries by www.BellaLaVey.comI was disappointed the “bust” of Jim was gone. But after a few reflective moments I felt a “pull” and let myself go with it. This graveyard is huge and one could get lost for hours on end. There wasn’t a lot of time left before they would be closing- as 6pm was fast approaching. Yet I continued to meander stopping to stroke the wing of an angel or a marble sarcophagus not caring if I got lost when I stumbled upon a beautiful section the cemetery that was heavily treed.

It was nice to get out of the dying sun that was still relentlessly hot and relax in this little grove. There was a slight breeze and it would sweep over me in the most erotic way.

Goosebumps covered every part of me and I felt so alive.

I don’t know how I didn’t see it right away, but I was leaning on the most ghostly, beautiful tomb. It was a stacked burial chamber, three sarcophaguses, one on top of the other. A marble skeleton was reaching out of the lower tomb as if it were trying to escape the dark crypt and a huge, odd black angel was perched on the top peeling back the lid of the upper sarcophagus. It was eerie and erotic, beautiful and dangerous. The bells went off at that moment signaling the graveyard was closing. But, there was no way I was leaving,

I scouted the area looking for a place to hide, but nothing looked too inviting. Oh I didn’t want to leave this shrine- not just yet. I was compelled to spend more time with the spirits of this amazing, strange structure.

I decided to circle it and I was shaking when I realized the three sarcophaguses from the front and sides were actually all one entire mausoleum and there was an entrance on the backside. Huge stone doors parted slightly offering a small fissure just wide enough for me to slide through.

I gathered up my dress and squeezed into the darkness.

The spirits of the dead swirled around me and I felt a warm gush of air spiraling up my legs. Never had I been touched with such a delicate fire-I braced myself against the inner walls breathing in the crypt’s dense earthy scents and let myself be taken by the unknown.

An excerpt from “The Fetish Girl Diaries” by Evil Kitty